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Nieslen Survey States The Obvious: People Hate 3D Glasses

by Matt Bertz on Sep 10, 2010 at 05:55 AM

Apparently people don't like wearing clunky, uncomfortable, ugly looking 3D glasses. Who would have thought?!

According to USA Today the Nielsen Company recently published a study that confirmed people aren't too jazzed about the future of television if that future requires looking like an idiot. Half of the survey base said the glasses were uncomfortable or a hassle, and a whopping 89 percent said the glasses make it hard to do other things while watching TV. I guess crocheting is rough with those huge goggles. "A lot of consumers, especially younger ones, like to multitask and were irritated that they can't," said Char Beales, CEO of the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing. The high cost associated with gearing up your family with 3D tech and the limited availability of 3D programming also set off warning signs for consumers.

The most damning news of all for 3D is that shoppers who were considering a 3DTV dropped from 25 percent to 12 percent after trying the tech. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for a technology the entire industry is desperately trumpeting as the next big thing. Back to the drawing board boys. We suggest you take a cue from Nintendo and figure out a way to give us 3D without your super expensive, uncomfortable glasses.