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Microsoft Suspends Player For His Home Town’s Name

by Jeff Cork on Sep 10, 2010 at 04:23 AM

A player based in Fort Gay, West Virginia, was temporarily suspended from Xbox Live for mentioning his home town’s name in his user profile. As 1up writes, 26-year-old Josh Moore was barred from the service until he could convince Microsoft that it was a real place, and not a juvenile attempt to poke fun at homosexuals.

Microsoft admitted that it acted in error and reinstated Moore’s account. In addition, an Xbox Live representative said that training has been updated to ensure that similar errors don’t happen in the future. Back in March, Microsoft loosened previous policies that prohibited Xbox Live users from mentioning their sexual identities on their profiles. Under the new policy, users can do so as long as they don’t “misuse these terms,” as Microsoft puts it. As Microsoft knows now more than ever, your town's name doesn't necessarily fall under that category.