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Dragon Age's Witch Hunt DLC Is Broken, But BioWare's Fixing It

by Joe Juba on Sep 09, 2010 at 07:45 AM

The main reason you'd want to play the Witch Hunt DLC for Dragon Age: Origins is to wrap up Morrigan's story. So, you can imagine that many fans were upset to learn that a "continuity bug" is preventing users from seeing the events of the DLC unfold according to their choices.

Apparently, the problem is that the DLC isn't correctly recognizing the completion of The Dark Ritual, an event in Origins that could mark the last time players saw Morrigan, and therefore be very important to how your interactions with Morrigan play out in Witch Hunt. In a post on BioWare's official forums, executive producer Mark Darrah explained:

"As everyone here knows, Dragon Age: Origins is a huge game with a lot of choices for each individual player. Unfortunately, there is a continuity bug that is causing issues with a subset of our player base.  While this issue is not affecting the majority of people, it is still a significant issue that we will address. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing anyone.

Clearly, it was our responsibility to catch this sort of issue in the interaction of Witch Hunt with Dragon Age: Origins. Our team is doing everything we can to fix this in a timely manner so those who are affected can go back to enjoying Witch Hunt as soon as possible." 

This comment is immediately followed by another from BioWare's Fernando Melo, who acknowledges that the add-on is also not properly creating a save file after the completion of Witch Hunt.

At least the problems were identified early, and BioWare is clearly concerned with fixing them. Even so, if you were planning on downloading and playing this new content, you should probably wait until this issue is resolved.