Brain Training Makes Its Way To Kinect

by Ben Reeves on Sep 08, 2010 at 11:30 AM

First we trained our brain on the DS with Nintendo’s Brain Age games, but soon we may be getting our whole bodies involved when Respond With Your Body: New Brain Training comes out for Microsoft’s Kinect.

It seems that Namco Bandai has tapped Dr. Ryuta Kawashima – the Tokyo University-based professor behind Nintendo's Brain Age series – to come up with this new Kinect title called Karada de Kotaeru Atarashii Nou-tore in Japan, a title filled with physical exercise mini-games that will help give players' brains a healthy workout.

The game was announced today with a November 20th release in Japan, but hasn’t been confirmed for a U.S. release just yet. Check out the video below to see how goofy you’ll look when you’re smarter.

via Andriasang