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Relic Lead Designer Tragically Killed In Car Crash

by Adam Biessener on Sep 07, 2010 at 06:43 AM

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Our condolences go out to Brian Wood's family following his premature death in an automobile accident Friday near their Vancouver home.

Wood's vehicle was struck in a near-head-on collision when an oncoming SUV jumped the median while its driver attempted to take her sweater off while driving. Two passengers in the rear of Wood's Subaru, who were not wearing seat belts, were ejected from the vehicle by the force of the impact and later died of their wounds. Wood's wife, Erin, survived the crash along with the occupants of the other vehicle.

Erin Wood, who is pregnant with the couple's first child, says that Brian used his final moments to angle his own vehicle so that he would take the brunt of the impact, saving his wife and unborn baby. "All the policeman say that if we had hit the car head-on all of us would be dead. At the very last second (Brian) braked really hard and turned right so that he would be put in the path of the SUV and not me and the baby, and that is the only thing that saved us both," she told Vancouver's The Province.

Wood had a hand in designing several great RTS titles, from Kohan II with Timegate Studios to Relic's Company of Heroes.

Brian Wood's death is a loss to the worldwide gaming community as well as a tragedy for his family and friends. Everyone at Game Informer sends their best wishes to the many people whose lives are darkened by Wood's passing.

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