Nintendo 3DS More Desired Than Kinect Or Move

by Matthew Kato on Sep 06, 2010 at 05:30 AM

We recently conducted a survey of over a 1,000 readers about their tech habits – what entertainment electronics they own, their attitudes towards buying products, what they intend to buy, etc. – and found out that Nintendo's 3DS handheld is one of the most coveted items. Thirty nine percent of survey respondents said they intend to buy the 3DS in the future.

The glasses-free 3D handheld wowed E3 convention goers, and that seems to have transferred over to those who took our survey. Respondents interested in the handheld come from all walks of video gaming life too, and weren't just the Nintendo faithful. The Nintendo 3DS wasn't the only thing people were planning on buying. Over 25 percent of those surveyed said that they intend to buy Kinect, Move, or possibly both (this survey question allowed for multiple products to be chosen. See below).

Earlier this year before E3, a survey by OTX said that interest in Move or Kinect was only in the single digits. These numbers barely moved even after the companies' big E3 press conferences. Perhaps consumers are better educated on the motion peripherals or maybe just the hype train in general is gathering steam – but our survey found that 28 and 27 percent intend to buy Move and Kinect, respectively.

The motion peripherals fared about the same as other popular products like Xbox 360 S and smart phones, with hyped products like the iPad and 3D TVs following behind them.

Take a look at the rest of our Tech Test survey results and analysis in the upcoming October issue of Game Informer.


Note: Percentages in this article have been rounded both up and down

Margin of Error: six to seven percent