God Of War III Art Book Gives The Gods A Mean Paper Cut

by Ben Reeves on Sep 03, 2010 at 02:45 PM

There are books that High School English teachers make us read, and then there are books that could rip off a minotaur’s head and drop kick it into oblivion. The Art of God of War III: An Epic Visual History from Ballistic Books should prove to be one of the latter.

This 272-pages volume features over 100 pieces of “lost art,” and takes readers through the process of making the game, showing off early character and environmental concepts, storyboards, and write ups from artists who explain what they were thinking during the creative process.

The Art of God of War III is available for pre-order now from Ballistic Books website, and should start shipping mid-October. The paperback edition will set you back $65.00, a special hardcover edition runs for $129.00, but those will deep pockets might want to look at the limited folio edition, which comes presented in it’s own suede-leather binding for $300.00 – practically a steal in old Grecian currency.