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Search For WoW Items Via...Icon?

by Adam Biessener on Sep 02, 2010 at 01:58 PM

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Microsoft has launched its latest misguided salvo in its unwinnable war against Google: The Top WoW Items Visual Search. It's possible that there is a less useful way to sort World of Warcraft items than by their tiny inventory icons, but it's going to take a group of top men and a serious federal research grant to find it.

" just launched the Top WoW Items visual search gallery, the unique weapon WoW players can use to find what they need fast and get back to the raid. The Bing visual search gallery reels in data from’s player-sourced database and organizes it in a visually easy-to-navigate way," reads the official press release [emphasis added].

Has anyone in the Bing marketing department ever tried to navigate data? Like, ever? I'm honestly baffled that this is something that the company is trying to push, rather than a joke some bored engineer whipped up over lunch.

Let's say you want to figure out what Icecrown Citadel bracers would work best for your Retribution build. Let's ignore, for the moment, the massive amounts of resources available to help you make this decision. What insane world do you have to live in to want to dig through icons to figure out what the best item level 264+ plate DPS bracers are?

On the plus side, we got some quality schadenfreude out of the deal, so it can't be all bad. So, for the record: LOL Microsoft.

[via Broken Toys]