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How To Get Drunk In Style While Playing World Of Warcraft

by Phil Kollar on Aug 30, 2010 at 10:35 AM

My personal beverage of choice while on an intense World of Warcraft raid is an energy drink, but I know plenty of guild members (and co-workers) who prefer beer. Now Taverncraft and Sideshow Collectibles are giving adult WoW-lovers a new way to indulge in drink while gaming: the Tankard O'Terror.

True WoW-lovers will recognize this mean mug as a drop during the game's yearly two-week-long Brewfest event. If the Tankard O'Terror drops, any characters with the ability to use maces can equip it and actually wield it as a weapon. Theoretically, you could also use it as a weapon in real life, but at the price of $39.99 plus shipping and handling, you may want to be a bit more careful.

You can check out the Tankard O'Terror on Sideshow Collectibles or view the whole collection of World of Warcraft epic steins from Taverncraft on their website. The new mug will be shipping in mid-September, which means it should arrive just in time for Brewfest.

[via Kotaku]