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Anyone Want A Toonstruck Sequel? Anyone Know What We’re Talking About?

by Ben Reeves on Aug 30, 2010 at 04:00 PM

Remember the classic point-and-click adventure game Toonstruck for PC? No? Want a sequel anyway?

The original Toonstruck was an adventure game about an animator who got sucked into a cartoon dream world. The game came out in 1996, and featured Christopher Lloyd. You would think that any script with enough class to capture Lloyd's attention would produce a stellar game, but Toonstruck was sadly struck down by poor sales. That is a death that most games don't usually recover from, but there might be hope for Toonstuck.

Keith Arem, the original game's sound designer currently owns the rights to Toonstruck 2, and he is planning to re-release the original game as and iPad title with a few little bonuses - namely the whole second half of the original title. Prior to its release Toonstuck was divided in half, and only half of the game was put on store shelves. The removed material was being planned as a sequel, but since we live in the future we know that didn't happen.

Anyone interested in seeing the full Toonstruck saga come to a close should go sign the online petition to help drum up funding for the project, check out the game's Facebook page, and follow its twitter feed. Not that we care, but social networking must be good for something.