Trailer For Gameloft's Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 27, 2010 at 08:30 AM

Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man comic series is the only Spider-Man book I can read these days without rolling my eyes and saying "this is even worse than the Clone Saga." The last few years have been tough for Spidey in print, but all signs point toward this web swinger having a good year in video games. Game Informer's associate editor Ben Reeves has been singing praises for Activision's upcoming console game Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. Gameloft's upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem for iPhone and iPod Touch also looks promising. It'll be available in Apple's app store on September 1.

Here's a teaser video for the game. Don't give up on the video early; gameplay is at the end.