Shank Chug On 360: Not The System's Fault Says Developer

by Matthew Kato on Aug 27, 2010 at 04:42 AM

"With every launch," reads the official Shank blog from developer Klei Entertainment, "there's always something!" And right they are. The XBLA/PSN title just came out, and a minor problem has popped up with the Xbox 360 version in particular.

The developer says that the game's opening cinematic chugs and that loading between levels takes a little longer, but the gameplay isn't affected. This is apparently caused by the 360 having "slower disc access rates due to fragmentation," and the company is working on it. "I want to be clear," the anonymous blog writer says, "This is definitely not the 360's fault. It's our issue, and it took us by surprise because it didn't come up during certification. Time for us to go a -fixing!" In the meantime, the developer says clearing your system cache may help.

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