EA Responds To Madden Long Snapper Controversy

by Matt Bertz on Aug 27, 2010 at 07:57 AM

With newspapers, radio shows, and even ESPN picking up our story about long snappers being excluded from Madden, EA has finally responded to the controversy with a statement. Public relations director Rob Semsey says "Due to technical limitations, the Madden NFL rosters support up to a maximum of 55 players per team. While we try to accurately represent each team’s roster, as a video game, we prioritize impact positions over specialists. We must consider situations like players on injured reserve (which take up a roster spot), as well as the preference by fans to utilize skill positional players."

The bottom line? Don't expect long snappers to appear in a roster update. Sorry Cullen! Whenever issues like this come up, a chorus of disgruntled football fans bag on EA in the comments section and someone inevitably laments the absence of 2K Sports' NFL 2K franchise. So we did some digging – did ESPN NFL 2K5 have long snappers in the game? Drum roll please...

Here is the Vikings' field goal formation.

The Vikings regular center in 2004 was six-time Pro Bowler and current Baltimore Raven Matt Birk, who wore #78. In this formation, the center is #43 – some guy named Brody Liddiard. Never heard of him? Not many have, because long snappers work in anonymity.