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Custom Akuma Shoes Go Perfectly With Vintage Zubaz

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 26, 2010 at 01:40 PM

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Akuma should be in NBA Jam rocking these shoes on the hardwood. In fact, all of the Street Fighter characters should be in a basketball game together. If Mario can play hoops, so can Blanka. Dan can be the ref.

Most of my shoes are black. I doubt I would ever wear a pair of shoes this colorful, but I wouldn't mind putting them on my shelf with other video game collectibles. I love the little touches, such as the beads on the laces and the kanji on the tongues and sides. If you're interested in seeing more images of these one-of-a-kind custom shoes, Deversitile Custom Clothing has posted a gallery on its site.

[Via Capcom Unity]