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Mass Effect M8 Avenger Assault Rifle Replica Will Blow Your Mind

by Annette Gonzalez on Aug 25, 2010 at 10:30 AM

Harrison Krix of Volpin Props is at it again. His claim to fame began with a spot-on replica of the Portal Gun, which we featured in an installment of The[Crafty]Gamer. Then the 28-year-old Georgia resident made waves in the cosplay community with his incredibly detailed Big Daddy suit. Now as a personal project, Krix, a fan of the Mass Effect series pays homage to BioWare's successful franchise by replicating the M8 Avenger Assault Rifle that looks real enough to shoot with.

On Krix's personal blog he explains the premise of the project:

"I've been a huge Mass Effect fan for a while now, and with the release of the second game I knew I wanted to take a crack at building some of the weaponry from the ME universe. As a bit of a personal challenge to myself, I decided to construct this gun from as much of my existing materials as possible. That is to say, 95% of what you see here is scrap I had in my shop from other builds. In the end, the entire piece only cost me $28 in raw materials."

Disclaimer: If you ask to buy the amazing piece of equipment for $28 he will send you a box of wood shavings. Fair warning considering the amount of work that goes into putting together a replica of this caliber (complete with working lights!), a process he details in his blog with in-progress images.

Kudos on the project! We can't wait to see what you put together next!

Original Concept Art (Replicas Below)