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Snoopy Flying Ace Delivers Suppertime Of Destruction DLC

by Annette Gonzalez on Aug 24, 2010 at 12:00 PM

As a life-long Snoopy fan and downloadable junkie, Snoopy Flying Ace was simply made for me. I spread the good word and seems like you all liked the downloadable title just as much as I did. The XBLA exclusive released back in June, and it looks like Smart Bomb Interactive will soon give us a reason to return to the cockpit with upcoming DLC, Suppertime of Destruction.

The pack will include the following:

Two new aircrafts: The stealthy Whirlybird copter with sniper rifle (Woodstock finally gets his own aircraft!), and an avatar-steered Dragonfly with Jammer weapon.

Five new multiplayer modes with brand new leaderboards:

Dirty Boy - Spread Pigpen's dirt to the opposing team.

Turret Defense - Occupy and hold turret positions to win.

Wild Woodstock, Team Wild Woodstock - Capture Woodstock's escaped friends and return them to their cages.

Top Dogs - Bring down opposing team's heavily armored Ace to score.

Three new weapons:

'Lil Yellow - Exploding birds

Thumpers - Shockwave generators

Seekers - Magnetized balls of explodey stuff

Plus three new achievements, new costumes for all Peanuts characters, and 30 new airplane skins.

Suppertime of Destruction sounds delicious. No word on a release date or pricing, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear something.