Plants Vs. Zombies Growing, Shambling Onto DS

by Tim Turi on Aug 23, 2010 at 09:26 AM

Everyone's favorite game featuring botanical barbarism against loitering lurkers is coming to yet another platform. Nintendo DS users will be pleased to learn that PopCap's hugely popular Plants vs. Zombies will be hitting the company's portable handheld early next year.

The cartridge is set to launch at a cool $20 in January 2011, the price as a new PC version of the game. Considering the fun I've had tapping away at Sunflowers on the iPhone and iPad, doing so with the DS stylus seems like a no-brainer that sure to chloro-phyl up all your free time (I'm so sorry).

Counting the Nintendo DS version and upcoming XBLA release, that brings the number of gizmos you can play Plants vs. Zombies on up to six. Just like weeds and zombie outbreaks, PopCaps's lawn defense title is proliferating the gaming space.