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Nerdgasm: Master Chief And Samus Aran Together At Last

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 20, 2010 at 06:43 AM

Two of gaming's most iconic space commandos are together at last. Given how little both of these characters talk in their games, and how stupid it is when they do, you'd have to imagine this meeting unfolding with an awkward handshake, foot shuffling, and lots of drama filled pauses in a pointless conversation about oddly shaped space rocks.

The picture above by Deviant artist FantasyAce depicts an epic battle most gamers would want to see. Given the pose they are in – both using each other as leverage – I really to see Samus transform into morph ball mode, causing Master Chief to tumble hilariously to the ground. Check out FantasyAce's gallery for other video game-inspired artwork, including two amazing Zelda pieces.