Gamescom 2010

Master Chief Is In Halo Reach

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 19, 2010 at 08:00 AM

Halo Reach's story takes place during the fall of Reach, an event that set Halo: Combat Evolved's story in motion. While Halo's fans welcomed the chance to explore the myth-building conflict, some felt burned by Master Chief's absence. During a demo of the game, we learned that the Chief is in Reach in a pretty cool way.

Halo Reach players earn credits by playing the game, viewing replays, and even mucking around in the Forge. Those credits can be spent on a variety of customization options for use in the game's Firefight mode. Some of the unlockable options include character effects like Inclement Weather, which covers characters in a web of lightning effect, and Pestilence, which covers the model with a green stink cloud and flies and has them leave smelly footprints. (None of those effects affect gameplay; they just look cool and give vets a chance to show off their hard work.)

You can also unlock voices, which is where Master Chief comes in. For the low, low price of 150,000 credits, the dulcet tones of John 117 can be yours. While you still won't be controlling Master Chief, per se, at least you'll be able to hear his familiar voice. To put that price into perspective, a 15-minute gameplay session netted our demo player 270 credits. Inclement Weather was a cool 2 million, and Pestilence was 1 million credits.