Hole-In-Chest Guy On Display In New Knights Contract Screens

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 19, 2010 at 02:14 AM

Namco Bandai's Knights Contract isn't due out until 2011, but the company has already released so many screenshots for it that, if you line them up in sequential order, you can watch the entire game. If you don't have the patience to do this, go ahead and watch the video below.

Knights Contract is based on German folklore, and invites gamers to play as the immortal executioner Heinrich, who receives demon-slaying assistance by a witched named Gretchen. Even if Heinrich is immortal, you'd think he'd take better care of his body. Sure, it makes him look tough, and maybe witches dig that kind of thing, but I would worry about small woodland critters turning it into a home when I slept. Chest squirrel for the win?