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Gamestop Launches Downloadable Content Centers In Every Store

by Dan Ryckert on Aug 19, 2010 at 09:50 AM


Reiner reported back from Gamestop, and said that the redeem code is something that is printed off in-store. So basically, you'd pay at the store with cash, credit card, or trade-in credit, then type the code in when you get home.

Original story:

Gamestop seems to know the frustration of buying more Microsoft points than you need in an effort to get a downloadable game, and that's one of the reasons they've launched Downloadable Content Centers in every one of their 4,400 stores. In addition to selling Xbox Live Arcade games, these centers will also sell add-on content like new maps, characters, etc.

We're not sure as of this writing how the system actually works. It could conceivably be cards with redeem codes, or perhaps the cashiers can automatically add the content to your download queue if they have your Gamertag. Our own Andrew Reiner is on the way to a Gamestop right now to see exactly how the system works. We'll be sure to update when we know more details.

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