Move Support And Beta Program Coming To MAG

by Dan Ryckert on Aug 18, 2010 at 04:16 PM


Over on the Playstation Blog, Zipper has announced that Move support is coming to MAG “this autumn,” along with a new beta program. According to the post, here’s what fans can expect from the beta:

  •     Escalation Game Type — battle it out with all three factions at once on three never-before-seen maps
  •     New Weapons — each PMC has access to three new guns (9 total) for added firepower
  •     Clan Deploy — a highly-requested community feature that allows clan leaders to launch games with up to 128 clan members in a single match
  •     Updated Skill Tree — enjoy more customization than you’ve ever had before with new skills and an improved progression system
  •     In-game Economy System — earn “credit points” by completing objectives and killing enemies to purchase new weapons and gear
  •     Additional Character Slots — Create a persona for Raven, Valor and SVER on one account for maximum testing flexibility

Sounds like some pretty significant changes are coming to the massive multiplayer shooter. Any of you out there still playing MAG? If not, will this be enough to bring you back? Anyone interested can sign up for the beta when the client software becomes available on the Playstation Store next week.