Gamescom 2010

Play The Goalie In FIFA 11

by Tim Turi on Aug 17, 2010 at 06:32 AM

Did a lousy keeper on your favorite team in the World Cup (with the last name of Green) cause you to lose your pride (or $250)? EA’s brand new, creatively-named Be A Goalkeeper mode for FIFA Soccer 11 does exactly what you think it would do. Give you a chance to right the wrongs of history as the dude who stops balls from going into big nets.

Soccer fans planning the game on PS3 or 360 when it releases September 28 can look forward to kick-blocking, ball-punching, and the immense pressure only a goalie endures. The mode has varied AI assistance also, from assisted, semi-assisted, to fully manual. You can also look forward to all the other action that comes with playing a FIFA Soccer game, the leader in the genre.

With this new ability to play as the keeper, the game also lets you play a full 11-on-11 matches online. “The phenomenal growth of online gaming and the desire of our fans to be able to play as the goalie was the driving force behind this innovation for FIFA Soccer 11,” said Kaz Makita, executive producer. “Friends can play alongside each other in their pro clubs with all 11 virtual players on the pitch human controlled. We have finally replicated football in the virtual world.”

By football he means soccer, folks. Soccer.