Gamescom 2010

New 160 And 360GB PS3 Slims Coming

by Tim Turi on Aug 17, 2010 at 08:50 AM

What was a rumor earlier on has now become a reality. Sony announced at its Gamescom press conference today that the basic PS3 Slim package that retails for $299 is being upgraded from 120GB to 160GB. The company also revealed that a 320GB PS3 packed with Move gear is on the way.

The 160GB PS3 replaces the 120GB at $299. The 320GB unit will be $399 and includes a Move controller, PlayStation Eye camera, and Sports Champions. A perfect choice for those uninitiated with with the PS3 and who are looking to check it out.

The new units will arrive before the holidays, so your loved one who constantly complains about the size of their hard drive will have nothing to bicker about anymore when they receive their gift this winter.