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Final Fantasy XI Subscribers Get Bonuses In FF XIV

by Phil Kollar on Aug 17, 2010 at 03:35 PM

Final Fantasy XIV's launch on September 30 will mark the first time that Square Enix has had multiple MMOs running at once, seeing as they plan to continue supporting Final Fantasy XI as well. Though it looks like you won't be able to play both MMOs for a single subscription fee like some had hoped, Square does have some nice bonus rewards in mind for those who are willing to pay for both.

First off, though you'll still have to pay a monthly fee, if you're subscribed to FF XIV, your fee for FF XI will drop from $12.95 a month to $7 a month. This reduced rate will only remain in effect until January 2011, so if you're waiting on the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV, you'll probably have to keep paying full price.

In slightly less tangible rewards, those with an active FF XI account will be gifted a bonus item when they begin FF XIV: Hermes' Shoes. It's unclear what in-game effect these golden leather loafers have, but I'd guess they make your character faster. Square says they are "optimal for use by heralds or noterunners." Check them out below:

And finally, although Final Fantasy XIV doesn't feature a full-on character transfer service, dedicated FF XI players will be able to bring over their character's name from the previous game. Since you have a first and last name in XIV, your character from XI will be matched up with the server he or she is on. To use Square's example, if you bring over a character named "Destiny" who is on the "Odin" server in Final Fantasy XI, their FF XIV name will be "Destiny Odin."

These are some pretty minor bonuses, and it doesn't seem like Square Enix is offering much to maintain two separate monthly fees. That said, they seem like nice additions for someone who currently has a Final Fantasy XI subscription and is planning to keep it active at least until FF XIV releases.