Gamescom 2010

Ambassador Beckham Will Kick You Into Shape

by Tim Turi on Aug 17, 2010 at 06:57 AM

There’s a guy who’s really good at soccer out there. His name is David Beckham. EA seems keen on the man, and they’ve to decided to appoint him as Brand Ambassador of EA Sports Active, an honor that comes second to being knighted.

In the months leading up to EA Sports Active 2’s launch you can look forward to seeing a lot of Beckham’s heroic stance and deeply furrowed brow. If you live in Europe or Australia, expect even more exploitation of the famous athlete. He’s going to be plastered across billboards and thrown into commercials.

“EA Sports Active is impressive and includes many elements that I have seen throughout my football career,” says Beckham.  “I’m excited to collaborate with EA Sports who have a great track record in developing authentic and credible sports products and games over the years.”

EA Sports Active’s solid regimen of muscle, cardiovascular, and flexibility-building exercises caught the attention of many when it released. The second entry in the burgeoning fitness franchise is sure to have an installed base, but with Beckham on board soon fitness-minded gamers will soon be bending it like him. Because there’s likely some stretching exercises you’ll be doing where you’ll be bending. Like Beckham. There is a movie called Bend It Like Beckham. That’s a joke.