What Does Arkham City's Director Think Of Move, Kinect, And 3D Gaming?

by Bryan Vore on Aug 16, 2010 at 06:00 AM

Rocksteady Studios' Sefton Hill shares his thoughts on the upcoming technology from Sony and Microsoft.

When we visited Rocksteady for our Batman: Arkham City cover story, everyone had just returned from E3 where Move, Kinect, and 3D were the big talk of the show. While Hill wouldn't say one way or the other if the upcoming Batman sequel would include any of these features, he did offer his opinion on all of the technologies:

"I think 3D is cool - I don’t think we’re announcing or saying anything about it at the moment - but I think that it’s interesting for games."

"My own personal opinion is that I think they’re both interesting. I think Move might be a bit more applicable for hardcore gamers from what I’ve seen mainly because I can play it lazing on my sofa -- my number one requirement. I think Kinect seems interesting. I’d like to see more games for it definitely. They haven’t really shown too much so I’d like to see what I’m actually going to be able to play with it apart from Dance Central.

"I think Move will integrate quite cleanly with a lot of existing titles like Resident Evil 5 where they’re doing patches and stuff like that. It’s definitely an interesting area. How that relates to Batman, who knows? But those are for quite a different experience as well, so i don’t think they’re going to supercede existing games. That’s going to be a totally different experience.

"Certainly Kinect as well. You buy those games. You play your Kinect experience. You’re not going to be doing that instead of playing your hardcore games, your Call of Duty or whatever. I don’t see that these games are sort of stepping on that. I think it’s another audience that they’re bringing in myself."