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The Madden NFL 12 Wishlist

by Matthew Kato on Aug 13, 2010 at 11:30 AM

What offseason? Just like NFL players train all year long, the developers at EA Tiburon are already working on concepts for next year's game. Now that everyone's had a little time with Madden 11, let's dive into what we want to see for the next game.

Apart from obvious bugs (like play-action), here's some things we hope happen in Madden NFL 12 divided up into a few sections:


  • New passing trajectories to cut down on linebacker interceptions over the middle
  • True jostling and catching physics to remove the clipping animations between receivers and defensive backs
  • New blocking logic for the second level so fullbacks and pulling guards put their hats on the immediate threat
  • No more magnet catches where receivers, defensive backs, or the ball itself shoots into players' hands
  • More ball awareness by players in the passing game, including better head tracking
  • Make the fumble animations, minigame, and outcome match each other. Too many times what you see and who comes up with the ball is completely different
  • Is it just us, or are right defensive ends invisible in the game?
  • Let QBs audible plays in the hurry-up offense before they get under center
  • Optional QB Vision Cone feature
  • Better blocking by gunners on punts


  • Stronger defensive logic for GameFlow that better accounts for multiple receiver sets
  • Make the playcalling packages in Gameplanning mirror the in-game sub-formation groupings, so it's easier to create your Gameplan

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Once you select your formation in the Gameplan menu, there should be sub-groupings for that formation's different shapes


  • Practice squads, restricted free agents, and multiple preseason roster cut-down days
  • Create-a-playbook & Create-a-play
  • Highlight videos for The Extra Point
  • Revamped Extra Point script that focuses on the big games every week instead of match-ups between teams with losing records
  • New free agency system reflecting the frantic nature of the first few days of FA complete with player visits, teams aggressively competing for players, and the effect this has on teams' alternate options if they miss out on the prized free agent
  • An NHL-style Trading Block system letting you tailor your trade block needs, as well as the ability to trade future draft picks
  • Reintroduce a player morale/decision making system to affect free agency and trade demands (including holdouts) like The Association in NBA 2K
  • New player contract logic that makes players on the street realize they aren’t getting four million dollars a year to be a fill-in player halfway through the season
  • Character progression that happens multiple times a year and player training
  • The ability to back-load player contracts and other tactics to manage your salary cap
  • Steal a lot of stuff from NFL Head Coach, including the staff skills tree, HUD, and the draft experience
  • Owner Mode


  • Better playcalling AI for when you're not playing the QB
  • Anything to add more depth and drama to the mode!


  • A free agency system for online franchise mode, as well as scouting, a salary cap, and other trappings to add more depth to the experience
  • Player team creation and persistent personal/team stats for Online Team Play
  • A loss penalty for quitters before halftime


  • Contextual commentary that discusses player streaks, injuries, league happenings, and situational stats
  • Get Cris Collinsworth and Gus Johnson in the booth together to give the commentary some chemistry

This is just the tip of the iceberg. What would you like to see added to Madden NFL 12