Stronghold 3 Announced

by Adam Biessener on Aug 12, 2010 at 08:03 AM

Original developer Firefly Studios is bringing the PC strategy/sim series back for more. Published by SouthPeak Games, Stronghold 3 is dragging the franchise into the present day with (relatively) modern graphics and an improved grid-less model for building the castles and villages that are the lifeblood of any Stronghold.

Stronghold has always been a medieval town-builder/economic sim at heart, with basic RTS combat on top. Based on the announcement, Stronghold 3 will follow that template. Two campaigns -- one combat-oriented, one economic -- and single-level historic sieges make up the single-player game, while online multiplayer places players as either the besieger or the besieged in massive battles.

Though it has retained a hardcore following over the years, Stronghold has suffered from unpolished combat that has kept it from a broader audience. Firefly seems to be putting a lot of its eggs in the battle basket for Stronghold 3, so hopefully it'll solve some of those issues.