Town Shuts Down Heretic Pinball Wizard's Operation

by Tim Turi on Aug 09, 2010 at 08:33 AM

George Mansfield of Beacon, New York had a dream. That dream was to open up a retro-themed arcade that featured old classics, including the fading art of pinball. Much to his dismay, shortly after his arcade was opened the doors and windows were shuttered due to an old law that makes slamming metal balls against brightly lit bumpers illegal.

“Arcades in the '70s may have represented something, ya know, maybe that a community wouldn't want on their main street, or that it would attract a bad, ya know, kids or whatever,” Mansfield told CNN regarding the out of date law.

Apparently the Beacon mayor, Steve Gold, recognizes that an arcade closing after a mere 18 months due to a stupid law is, well… stupid. “The legislative process really does take its time and council's really looked very closely at all of the letters of the law, and look ahead to the future,” said Gold.

As if pinball wasn’t having a hard enough time surviving without being illegal in some towns. Is Beacon formerly the town from Footloose?

[via CNN]