Sonic 2 ROM Hack Sticks It To Dimps

by Jeff Cork on Aug 06, 2010 at 04:03 AM

It seems that some Sonic fans are none too pleased about Dimps’ handling of their beloved character. The Sonic 4 developer, whose other games include Sonic Rush and the Sonic Advance series, has a reputation within the Sonic community for an overemphasis on speed boosts and homing attacks. As part of a ROM hacking contest, a particularly disgruntled fan has decided to take out their frustrations in a creative way.

As Destructoid points out, SOTI’s hacked version of Sonic 2 includes speed boosts in every level, mismatched sound effects, and a purposefully easy to abuse homing attack.
Check out the trailer for the hack below, or visit this site to download it and play it yourself (at your own risk, of course).