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Ever Wonder Where Metroids Come From?

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 04, 2010 at 08:10 AM

After learning that Metroid: Other M is more story driven than any Metroid game before it, Game Informer reader HK-47 did an Internet search on "Samus Aran origin story." In an email he sent me, he describes his search as a "disturbing journey into fan fiction" and "a sure fire reason why the Internet should be blown up." He also said that he stumbled upon the picture above.

This image has become the talk of the Game Informer office. The focus of our discussion has little to do with the disturbing thought of the events leading up to Yoshi giving birth to a baby Metroid. We all collectively realized, after years of Yoshi laying eggs, that this character we always referred to as "he" is probably a "she." This revelation brought about silence and the question "What does a male Yoshi look like?" Some GI staffers will not accept the idea of Yoshi being a female. They are saying HE has the magic power to lay eggs. One GI staffer, who knows nothing about reptiles, believes that some male reptiles can lay eggs. How does this revelation hit you? (After reading this, Annette confirms Yoshi is a mystical reptile. If male seahorses and can bear children, why can't a mystical male reptile do the same? However, the image above, she says, may have potentially changed her life forever.)