Discs Not Dead? Survey Says Physical Media Still Rules

by Matthew Kato on Aug 03, 2010 at 07:42 AM

The Entertainment Merchants Association has published a report that says that physical discs or carts comprise 80 to 90 percent of game purchases, versus digital downloads.

"Digital distribution is clearly an important segment of the home entertainment market and will continue to grow in market share in the coming year," says Bo Andersen, president and CEO of EMA. "While it is tempting for industry outsiders to say, 'disc is dead,' as the saying goes, reports of its demise are grossly exaggerated." The EMA works with retail member companies and uses data from partners like The NPD Group.

While we don't doubt that consumers still like to buy physical media, the EMA's stated membership are retail stores, so it doesn't take a conspiracy theorist nutjob to wonder if these numbers favor the EMA's membership at all. Interestingly, not long ago, The NPD reported that a full half of PC sales (according to survey, not sales data) are digital, including popular digital distribution service Steam.