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Red Dead's John Marston & Son Transformed Into LEGOs

by Andrew Reiner on Aug 02, 2010 at 06:25 PM

Right now, my game of the year is a toss up between Red Dead Redemption and God of War III. Both of these games deserve a 10 in my book, and both bring something different to gaming. When it comes time cast my vote for Game Informer's annual Game of the Year awards, I'm going to have a hard time ranking one of these games higher than the other. In terms of the impact that these two titles have had on gaming as a whole, God of War III really didn't make much of a ripple, whereas Red Dead Redemption continues to be played and talked about. If the year could be defined by one game so far, I don't think there's much of a contest. It's Red Dead with a bullet.

Red Dead is also making quite a name for itself in gamer culture. The latest person to be inspired by John Marston's exploits is LEGO builder BrickTrooper. Along with two incredibly detailed minifigs for John and his son, BrickTrooper has created agent Edgar Ross, and gang members from Dutch's and Walton's respective crews. Yet again, I hope LEGO sees these custom figures, and hires BrickTrooper to recreate them for retail sets. Video games are the perfect fit for LEGO. I hope Prince of Persia isn't the only license that gets tapped.