quakecon 2010

Infinity Ward Alums West, Zampella On QuakeCon Panel

by Jeff Cork on Jul 31, 2010 at 08:34 AM

QuakeCon organizers released the schedule for the upcoming event, and it looks like attendees are in for some interesting discussions. In addition to the obvious id Software fanservice, John Carmack and Richard Garriott will be talking about their shared interest in rockets and space travel. The Building Blockbusters panel is a potentially juicy one, featuring id’s Tim Willits, Bethesda’s Todd Howard and a couple of guys from Respawn Entertainment, Jason West and Vince Zampella. You may have heard of those last two guys, even if Respawn Entertainment doesn’t ring any bells.

The event takes place in Dallas from August 12th through the 15th at the Hilton Anatole, and it’s free and open to the public. If you can scrape up a way to get there, definitely check it out. It’s a great time.

Thursday August 12:
12:30 PM - Cortez Room - “The World of Design” panel
•    Joel Burgess - Bethesda Game Studios
•    Matt Hooper - id Software
•    Neil Alphonso - Splash Damage
•    Todd Alderman - Respawn Entertainment

2:30 PM - Grand Ballroom - “QuakeCon Kick Off”
•    Todd Hollenshead welcomes QuakeCon attendees
•    John Carmack - Annual Keynote

5:30 PM - Grand Ballroom - “Rocket Talk”
John Carmack and Richard Garriott share their passion for rockets and space travel in this special QuakeCon presentation

Friday August 13:
11:00 AM - Grand Ballroom - “Building Blockbusters” panel
•    Jason West - Respawn Entertainment
•    Tim Willits - id Software
•    Todd Howard - Bethesda Game Studios
•    Vince Zampella - Respawn Entertainment

1:00 PM - Cortez Room - “Building Immersive Worlds and Stories” panel
•    Chris Rhinehart - Human Head
•    Emil Pagliarulo - Bethesda Game Studios
•    Harvey Smith - Arkane Studios
•    Raphael Colantonio -  Arkane Studios

2:00 PM - Grand Ballroom - “Special RAGE Presentation”
•    Tim Willits - id Software
•    Matt Hooper - id Software

4:00 PM - Cortez Room - “Let There Be Sound” panel
•    Chris Sweetman - Splash Damage
•    Christian Antkow - id Software
•    Mark Lampert - Bethesda Game Studios
•    Zack Quarles - id Software

5:00 PM - Cortez Room - “The Art of the Game” panel
•    Matt Carofano - Bethesda Game Studios
•    Olivier Leonardi - Splash Damage
•    Stephan Martine - id Software
•    Viktor Antonov - Arkane Studios

Saturday August 14:
 11:00 AM - Grand Ballroom -
“Special Brink Presentation”
Paul Wedgwood, CEO of Splash Damage and Game Director of Brink will be on hand to share a presentation of the game with QuakeCon attendees.