Increase Your Lost Planet 2 Roster Without Buying Old Games

by Jeff Cork on Jul 31, 2010 at 07:08 AM

Lost Planet 2 shipped with a pretty clever gimmick. The game checked your saved-game information on your console’s hard drive, and if you had data from Dead Rising or Resident Evil 5, you’d unlock a pair of skins—Frank West, or Albert Wesker, respectively. Apparently Capcom has decided that the statute of limitations was up on the deal, and they’ve released a code that makes the character skins available to anyone, regardless of whether they’ve ever played the other pair of Capcom titles.

According to the Capcom blog, you can unlock the characters by doing the following:

- Press ‘Y’ or ‘triangle’ at either ‘MY PAGE’ or ‘MY CHARACTER’ to open up item purchase screen
- Press ‘X’ or ‘square’ to open up a password box
- Enter ‘72962792’ for Wesker and ‘83561942’ for Frank West

Once they’re unlocked, you can play with them in the campaign (provided you’ve already beaten it) or online multiplayer.