Nintendo 3DS Out Sooner Than Expected In Japan

by Matthew Kato on Jul 29, 2010 at 04:30 AM

Nintendo has told Bloomberg Japan that it intends to put out the 3DS sometime in the next three months in Japan. Nintendo says that it will announce the exact Japanese release date and price on September 29.

This new timing speeds up the 3DS's anticipated release in Japan by a few months, as some industry analysts like Michael Pachter predicted the 3DS would be out in its native country this spring. Hopefully this means that it's us here in the States who will be getting our hands on the 3DS when the flowers bloom – a time of the year that the company has not been shy about releasing handhelds in North America. The DSi XL came out in March, the DSi came out in April of 09, and the DS Lite in June.

via GameSpot