[UPDATE] Kill A Gears of War Character...For Charity!

by Matt Bertz on Jul 29, 2010 at 11:09 AM

[Update]: You can now purchase the Avatar shirts that will determine Carmine's fate in Gears of War 3. They are available for 80 Microsoft Points ($1) via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Remember, all proceeds will go to Child's Play, a charity that provides games and books to children's hospitals for sick kids across North America.

[Original Story]: Do you have a sadistic bent? Now is your time to shine! Another Carmine brother is joining Delta-One in Gears of War 3, and your actions will determine whether he lives to see another day or continues the family legacy of biting the dust like a Spinal Tap drummer.

All you need to do to send this guy into oblivion is purchase a "Carmine Must Die" T-shirt for your Xbox Live Avatar. If you're a sally who plays Alliance in World of Warcraft and roots for do-gooders in films, you can try to stem the tide of violence by purchasing "Save Carmine" shirts. The virtual tees go on sale July 29, but if you're attending San Diego Comic Con you can cast your vote early by picking up a real $20 T-shirt at the NECA booth (#3145).

Best of all, this is one of those rare moments when your devious actions will result in helping the unfortunate. All proceeds go to Child's Play Charity.