PS3 Gains Netflix Streaming Search, Weird Disc Still Required

by Bryan Vore on Jul 26, 2010 at 10:28 AM

With surprisingly no fanfare whatsoever, Netflix has released an update on the PlayStation 3 streaming platform that allows users to search its library of movie and TV content and add items to their queue.

Unfortunately, PS3 users still have to use a special Netflix disc to stream content. However, a recent statement from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings indicates that the disc will no longer be required by the end of October.

The Xbox 360 is due for a similar Netflix search function in November according to a Microsoft press release from E3. This will most likely coincide with any updates hitting the 360 UI for Kinect on November 4th.

Nintendo has yet to announce any kind of Netflix search option or given an estimate of when the required streaming disc will be phased out.

[via Joystiq]