New Irrational Game To Be Revealed Soon?

by Joe Juba on Jul 26, 2010 at 10:03 AM

As members of the gaming press, we often receive invitations to video game events. However, it isn't every day that we get one from Irrational Games. The Boston-based developer has been tight-lipped about its next project ever since BioShock's 2007 release, and this save-the-date suggests that the studio may be ready to start talking.

According to the invitation (scanned above), something Irrational-related is going down on August 11 in New York City. The card doesn't exactly specify that a game announcement is pending, but given Irrational's recent interest in what game you think it is making, it doesn't seem like a stretch.

The most likely star of the show on August 11 is Project Icarus, the codename for the game Irrational has been working on for the last few years. We asked Irrational Games' creative director Ken Levine about Project Icarus back in issue 202, and this is all he would reveal: "This product – it will come as a complete surprise, and it won't be a surprise at all, in some ways."

Whatever Project Icarus is, we're crossing our fingers that we'll learn more on August 11.