Sony Not Abandoning MAG

by Adam Biessener on Jul 23, 2010 at 08:37 AM

Though the game didn't blow any multiplayer records away, Sony staff producer Ken Inagaku, Sr. says that "SCEA and Zipper are fully committed to supporting MAG indefinitely."

In a response to Kotaku, Inagaku touts the post-release support that MAG has enjoyed to date. The game has had three DLC packs, seven patches full of community-driven changes, and a host of events like double XP sessions and "Play with Zipper" matches. Inagaku also mentions the upcoming summer DLC pack as evidence that Sony and Zipper are doing their best with MAG.

All of that is great, but there's nothing in the entire response that denies or counters the perception among MAG players that the community is shrinking, player counts are dropping, and matches are becoming harder to find. No surprise there, as companies basically never reveal their player numbers or other activity metrics except to brag in press releases.

Chin up, though, MAG fans. At least Sony's running the servers, and not EA. What would be more insulting: Having to pay another $10 for access to online play for a game primarily billed as a multiplayer experience, or having the servers shut down with little advance warning and never being able to play it online again?