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Sucker Punch Scraps Infamous 2's Cole MacGrath

by Matthew Kato on Jul 23, 2010 at 03:41 AM

At San Diego Comic-Con, developer Sucker Punch admitted that due to negative fan reaction to the new-looking Cole MacGrath in Infamous 2, the team is going back to the drawing board to revert Cole's look to what he was like in the first Infamous.

Although it didn't show off any images of the new-old Cole, the developer said  that it currently has a couple of designs in the works. Ironically, when we debuted the game in our exclusive cover story a few months back, Sucker Punch told us that it was changing Cole because of Infamous 2's new setting and the mixed fan reaction to the first Cole.

Infamous fans: Make up your *** mind already! Sucker Punch: While you're changing things up, could you change his name, too? Cole MacGrath is a horrible name.

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Cole MacGrath Mk. II, we hardly knew you