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Rants 'N Raves: NCAA Football 11

by Matt Bertz on Jul 21, 2010 at 08:50 AM

Not everyone has the time to read or write a full review of every game that hits the market. Rants 'n Raves is your chance to read a quick breakdown of a game's strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide your own analysis. The concept is simple: put your pros and cons in a bullet point format, and make your critique of each bullet point as concise as you can. This week, we take a look at NCAA Football 11.


  • The new locomotion system reinvigorates the running game, making skilled backs feel like legit threats every time they touch the ball
  • Removing the sprint button helps differentiate between skill players
  • Real Assignment AI fixes the blocking mechanics in a way that makes formerly useless plays like draws and counters legit options for the first time
  • New receiving animations around the boundaries demonstrate real awareness of the sidelines
  • Quarterbacks throw out of sacks more often 
  • Refined recruiting gives you more feedback on how your pitches are affecting the player
  • Fixed tackling stats during seasons so your players actually have a shot at leading the NCAA
  • Dynasty Wire web/console toolset is a great way for players to chronicle their Online Dynasties
  • Small presentation touches like stadium-specific intros and ESPN packaging help capture the college experience better than in years past
  • Improved lighting and depth of field effects greatly improve the graphics


  • Linebackers still pick off too many mid-range passes over the middle
  • Locomotion can feel overpowered with certain backs; no one can come to a stop right out of a dead sprint or run sideways at near full speed
  • The AI runs the option ineffectively
  • Clipping animations are still a problem in the receiver-defensive back interactions
  • While generally improved, downfield blockers sometimes miss obvious targets and backs have a tough time picking up the blitz
  • Commentary from Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler is starting to sound stale
  • Still bad play-calling in Road To Glory. These coaches are addicted to screens 
  • The stupid NCAA won't adopt a playoff postseason, but there's no reason why we can't have the option in the game! 

What are your rants and raves? Share them in the comments below!