Thor Video Game Coming From Sega

by Adam Biessener on Jul 20, 2010 at 08:09 AM

Will the god of thunder fare better in Sega's hands than fellow Avenger Iron Man? We can hope. Maybe being divorced from the upcoming film will let the game carve out its own identity.

You'll never guess how you'll apply Thor's legendary hammer to the problems presented by the monstrous foes and bosses of Thor's world, from frost giants to demigods like Ymir and Surtur in Sega's upcoming Thor video game. Lightning storms and wind serve Thor's bidding as well, probably to help water crops and bring ships safe to harbor. And because you're legally required to fit RPG elements into your game no matter how little it makes sense in the fiction, Thor can unlock power and weapon upgrades through points he gains by defeating enemies.

Comic scribe Matt Fraction is consulting on the game's story, so there's a chance this tale will be more involved that ninjas kidnapping Odin's daughter.

The PS3 and 360 versions are slated to be big cinematic third-person action blockbusters, while the Wii and PSP titles will be lower-resolution versions of the same. The DS will receive a side-scrolling action/adventure edition. Oddly, Sega's press release didn't list developers for any of the platforms.

Personally, I'm disappointed that Sega's not going in the direction that Ultimates took the character. Who doesn't want to play a game where you basically get drunk and hug trees while Nick Fury complains that the world needs you?