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Update: EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp On The Way

by Bryan Vore on Jul 20, 2010 at 11:29 AM

Update: We've got details on the release date and platform for the upcoming title that will have you training with the pros in no time. EA Sports Active NFL Training Camp will be available for Wii on November 16. No word on Move or Kinect compatibility.

Original story: EA Sports Active has done well in its battle against Wii Fit, but the marketing push has always pretty much skewed towards women. Now EA has brought in the National Football League to toughen things up and make it okay for dudes to do video game workouts.

Patrick Willis, linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, helped give the demo of the game at EA's press conference today, though they made some other poor sap run around on stage. The game will use real exercises from the pros and focus on keeping players' heart rates up using the included monitor. In the demo, Willis' onscreen character sprints, high-steps, sidearms dummies, and jumps over obstacles.

Hopefully, we'll have more info soon on the release and platforms.