Plants Vs. Zombies Officially Priced And Dated For Xbox Live Arcade

by Bryan Vore on Jul 19, 2010 at 09:35 AM

Perhaps in response to multiplayer details leaked through achievements over the weekend, PopCap is finally laying down the hard details about PvZ XBLA. The biggest surprise? It's coming to retail as well with some enticing extras.

Plants Vs. Zombies will hit XBLA in early September for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). Fans can also buy it in stores for $19.99 bundled with both Peggle and Zuma. A "game of the year" version will also ship on PC/Mac for the same price and will include a zombie figurine. Both retail options are said to land "later this fall."

Of course, people who haven't played PvZ at all are in for a real treat, but what's in store for the gardening veteran that maybe has already bought the game... twice? Here's the word straight from PopCap:

  • A total of seven game modes, including two new multiplayer modes: Co-Op and Vs. Mode
  • 12 achievements and 21 minigames – more than any other adaptation, and including the exclusive Heavy Weapon-inspired minigame
  • A goofy new way to track and share progress online, where players create their own custom house and cruise down the street to see their friends’ cribs!
  • The highest resolution of any Plants vs. Zombies adaptation to date at 1920 x 1080
  • All 50 levels of the original Adventure mode along with Puzzle, Survival, and Zen Garden