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DC Universe Online Beta Sign-Ups Active

by Phil Kollar on Jul 19, 2010 at 05:50 PM

While other MMOs have let us play superhero, DC Universe Online will be the first to allows us to team up with some of our favorite comic book capes and criminals while doing so. The long-awaited game is due for release in November, but lucky beta testers should be playing it much sooner than that, as Sony Online Entertainment has put beta test applications online. And just in case the beta is enough to tip you toward buying, pre-order bonuses for the game have been announced.

All pre-orders will come with a bonus 2v2 arena map where you actually get to play as Batman (except for Direct2Drive and Steam pre-orders). Here are the retailer-exclusive bonuses from the site:

-GameStop: DC Universe Legends #0, Joker's Confetti Bomb in-game weapon

-Amazon: Amazonian Gauntlets in-game weapon

-GoGamer: Deathstroke's Draw in-game weapon

-WalMart: Joker's Trick Pistol in-game weapon

-Target: Lexcorp Kryptonite Blaster in-game weapon

-Fry's: DC Universe Legends #0, Scarecrow's Screamer in-game weapon

-Direct2Drive: Mr. Freeze's Zero Grenade in-game weapon

-Steam: Bane's Venom Injector in-game weapon

In addition to the pre-order bonuses, you can also spring for the Collector's Edition for PC to get a Batman statue from DC Direct, the Joker's Flying Jester and Bat Drone "in-game weapons systems," an DC Universe Online art book, and a special Prestige comic signed by DC Comics writer Geoff Johns.

Of course, before you pre-order, you may want to make sure that you actually want the game. That's where the beta test comes in. You can try your hand at signing up on the official DC Universe Online website.

We'll hopefully have beta impressions soon after whenever it launches, but if you'd like some early Game Informer thoughts, I recommend listening to last week's episode of Respec Radio. Adam Biessener and Andy McNamara share their less-than-impressed thoughts after seeing the game at E3.

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