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What Is Twisted Metal: Apocalypse?

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 17, 2010 at 05:25 PM

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San Diego Comic Con kicks off next week. From what I'm hearing, this year's show will have a stronger presence from motion pictures and video games than it will comic books. Almost every video game publisher has something new to show (which you'll see next week right here on Game Informer), and several of them are holding panels to give fans extensive looks at their upcoming projects. Sony's Twisted Metal will be one of the game's getting the red carpet panel treatment. I was thinking this panel would focus mostly on showing the new PlayStation 3 game in action, but Dave Jaffe's blog reveals that a portion of the panel will focus on the game's inception, and the ideas that didn't make the cut.

"There was a time - 2 years ago about - that the new PS3 Twisted Metal was going to be set in an apocalyptic wasteland," Jaffe wrote. "Co-director Scott Campbell was not in favor as he doesn't dig the whole post apocalypse vibe. So we nixed it. Good thing we did given the glut of apocalypse style games now flooding the market." In addition to the awesome apocalyptic Sweet Tooth pictured above, Jaffe and his team will be showing off more images from the scraped Twisted Metal: Apocalypse, as well as shots from an urban themed Twisted Metal that was shelved.

If you're heading to the con, the Twisted Metal panel will be held in room 8 on Friday at 1 PM. Jaffe is also promising giveaways and other "cool Twisted Metal stuff."