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God Of War Movie Trailer Not What You'd Expect

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 17, 2010 at 08:54 AM

When Game Informer's Editor-In-Chief Andy McNamara told me that a God of War movie trailer hit the web, I thought I'd be looking at a 300 million dollar budget, CG-heavy summer blockbuster for 2011; not an indie film in the vein of Rushmore. This is GamerVision's third video game film. This studio has also brought us Inglorious Plummers and Maniac Mansion.

GamerVision's interpretation of Sony's blockbuster series retains many of the familiar characters, but the story looks to be its own mythological monster. Josh Henderson plays the role of Kratos, an orphan who just enrolled at the Spartan Academy. Rather than killing gods, Kratos' mission is to win the love of Athena. Athena's father is Zeus. Kratos' father is Zeus. Being the good father he is, Zeus doesn't want Kratos to see Athena. Even knowing that they are related, Kratos and Athena lust for each other. And...well...check out the trailer below.