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Blog Herding: Friday Edition 07/16/10

by Annette Gonzalez on Jul 16, 2010 at 03:30 PM

Every Thursday we highlight both editor and reader blogs worth your undivided attention...except this week. Game Informer makes reading over the weekend cool.

Quite Possibly The Best Worst Movie Ever Made
What is it? I'd tell you except it would totally ruin Jeff A.'s blog. Hint: There are roller skates. And bad retro outfits.

Letting Go
Shawn Gordon admits there are many franchises we grew up on that still exist, but should they? Among the Marios, Resident Evils, Metal Gears, etc. should these franchises stop while they’re ahead and throw in the towel? Check out the post and throw down in the comments section.

Breaking Bad's Ten Best Moments (So Far)
Dan won't ever shut up about this show at the office, a show he is so passionate about he wanted to go and spoil the whole thing for you if you've never seen it on his blog. If you have seen it, however, go on and argue for or against his picks in the post's comments section.

Why I Didn’t Buy Alan Wake
In a recent NPD, we found out Alan Wake sold less than 150,000 copies despite critical praise. This may be part of the problem: “As with most gamers these days, my time and money are spread a little thinner than they used to be and we have to make choices as to how to spend our entertainment dollar and our downtime. There are so many games coming out nowadays that it's hard to spread those things even further to play more games that sound really cool.” Do you find yourself in the same situation as Hist?

Tim Just Spoiled The Ending Of Red Dead For Me
Well, the title says it all. However, read past Joe's disdain toward Tim's lack of spoiler warnings and you'll find a discussion regarding spoilers in general. How soon is too soon to openly talk about game plots? Is it ever really ok? Discuss!

“I’ll Drive, You Shoot!”
Gabriel360 wants you to cut on-rails games some slack. “That's something that an on-rails experience can deliver for everyone: a fast-paced, kinetic, cinematic event from beginning to end.” Do you love on-rails segments in games? Defend your love in the comments section of his blog.

Green Lantern Movie Costume Revealed!
If you haven't caught Ryan Reynolds in the snug green costume, check it out in Reiner's blog.

Note: Blog Herding will resume to its regular Thursday time on July 29. Next week we'll be taking a herding break for Comic-Con coverage. Stay tuned. Will any of you be at Comic-Con next week? Be sure to blog about it!

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